The second BOPP film production line for Alupol Films


Due to the full occupancy of the first BOPP film production line launched at Alupol Films in November 2016, there was a justified need for the advancement of the investment of a new plant with a next line to produce such films. 

On 12.10.2017, the Supervisory Board of Grupa Kęty S.A. approved the revision of the investment plan for 2017-2020 in "Strategy 2020". On account of this, there will be an increase in investment expenditure in the Flexible Packaging Segment by 110 million PLN for the construction of the second BOPP film production line in the plant in Oświęcim (the area of the Special Economic Zone). The project will be implemented in the period from 2017 to 2019 as part of the company’s zonal authorization (current report dated 1 February 2016).

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