Production of HBF9™

High barrier multi-layer films (HBF9™) are produced by a blowing process, and are used in specialized laminates.  The innovative technology allows for the production of films with a very high barrier for both oxygen and water vapor.  These materials are excellent for printing and lamination.  Our modern equipped laboratory gives us the ability to test their properties quickly. 


One of the important uses of HBF9™ is the packaging of chilled foods (cheese, fish, fresh meat and pre-prepared foods such as dumplings and egg rolls etc.)


Plastic lids are able to provide an anti-fog feature which prevents moisture from building up on the inner side of the lid and the heat-sealing layer can be adjusted to the needs of the customer.


Films and laminates based on HBF9TM films are used with packaging machines that use MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) and TFFS (thermoform-fill seal packaging) technologies.






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