Production of BOPP film

BOPP polypropylene film is one of the most commonly used materials in the packaging industry. Through to its properties, it is used for making food packaging, e.g. biscuits, chocolate products, wafers, ice cream, pasta, crisps, snacks, breads, as well as for wrapping boxes of tea, coffee, cosmetics, CDs, DVDs, flowers e.t.c.


To meet customer requirements, Alupol Films produces five-layer coextruded films with different properties. Depending on the purpose, various types of BOPP films are produced:


 Transparent BOPP film with high transparency and gloss.

 Matte BOPP film with a high matte degree.

 White BOPP film with very high whiteness and gloss and high opacity.

 Metallized BOPP film with high light barrier.


BOPP films  are produced on the most modern machine in Poland and one of the most modern in Europe, our Brückner machine with a width of 8.7 meters.


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