BOPET Polyester films

BOPET transparent polyester films


Biaxially produced polyester films are widely used in food packaging, pharmacy, cosmetics and electronic packaging.  They are very good in the production of flexible packaging because they have excellent gloss qualities and high transparency.  Their qualities include a very low moisture absorption point, a very high impact resistance and a very low resistance to fats and oils.


Polyester films are commonly used in printing processes.  They have an excellent stability of dimensions, which makes for better color matching and temperature resistance and consequently increases the speed of printing and drying.


BOPET films are also used for metallization, lamination and adhesive processes.







Metalized BOPET films


Metalized BOPET films are films in which we apply an extremely thin layer of metallic aluminum.  The metallization process takes place in a vacuum chamber.  Metallization provides a high barrier to oxygen, moisture, vapor and light.  In addition to its resistance properties, metallization can create an aesthetic effect  for an attractive look.


Metalized PET films are used as a component of multi-layer packaging.








  Example of BOPET foil usage










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